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The 5 steps to achieve Focused Impactful Volunteer Engagement

Training Seminar for nonprofits working with volunteers

Focusing on your mission is what drives you, and volunteers can be of immeasurable value assisting in your efforts. Building a successful volunteer program takes more than simply increasing the number of people you have in your volunteer pool. 


Attend a half-day Take FIVE Training Seminar and learn the FIVE easy steps necessary for a volunteer program that makes an impact!


  • 70% of satisfied volunteers become donors.

  • Those who volunteer donate up to 10 times more than non-volunteers.

  • Volunteerism is up and expected to continue rising.

  • Organizations leveraging volunteers and their skills are more adaptable and sustainable.

  • Foundations place emphasis on strong volunteer programs when choosing grant recipients.


  • 1/3 of people volunteering quit due to unfavorable experiences.

  • 1/3 of volunteers who remain report dissatisfaction and end up searching for a new organization and new volunteer experience.

  • Only 19% of non-profits have staff trained to work with volunteers. 

                                 Above information compiled from National Center for Family Philanthropy and

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