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The Take Five Training Story


Janet Capetty is an author, speaker and trainer with a national reputation, having provided training seminars around the country and the Caribbean. She has spent over 20 years working in the nonprofit arena recruiting, training, inspiring and appreciating volunteers, while also training staff to work with volunteers. She shares her motivation below:

"Hearing countless stories from people who volunteered and felt unwanted or under valued by the organization moved me to develop Take FIVE Training.They described feeling frustrated, wanting to share their knowledge and skills as a volunteer, but having negative experiences. 

 It's challenging for a non-profit to find the time and staffing required to engage volunteers in a meaningful way. Considering only 19% of non-profit staff responsible for working with volunteers have had training in volunteer management, the disconnect is understandable.

Organizations need and want volunteers, and volunteers want to contribute. Drawing on years of experience working with volunteers and training others to do so, I was able to outline five simple steps to achieve Focused Impactful Volunteer Engagement. Take FIVE Training helps nonprofits further their mission by actively engaging volunteers, and giving those volunteers a positive experience keeping them involved and returning for more." 


Janet's strengths are in motivating and supporting those she trains, leaving them energized and excited to move their organization forward. Her comprehensive knowledge and experience uniquely qualify her to create and lead this valuable program. Take FIVE Training is ideal for anyone wishing to engage volunteers in a way that is positive and makes an impact.

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